About Belle

About BelleI started this blog on September 9, 2012, my 25th birthday.

I’m a teen librarian with my Master’s in Library and Information Studies.

I am my Gramma’s best girl.

I met the love of my life on June 9. 2015, on a free online dating site, after a few days of messaging. He’s infuriating and stubborn and good. He became mine forever on May 06, 2017.

I love marriage. Being married is leagues better than being single.

I’ve learned, over time, that no friend is family. Family is family.

All of the names on this blog are pseudonyms.

I’m obsessive and single-minded to a fault.

I not only finally feel like a grown-up, but truly enjoy adulthood.

I married at 19 and divorced at 23. I wouldn’t recommend it.

I have an awkward spirit.

I’m good at standing up for myself and others. I don’t stoop to catty gossip, for the status quo and I wish that had always been true.

I mix traditional swear words with Disney vulgarity, like “zetus lapetus.”

My photo is intentionally anonymous, but should probably be updated.

My husband and I underwent two back-to-back rounds of pandemic IVF in 2020 to get our twin girls. I have mixed feelings on whether or not I’d recommend that.

I read, shoot, craft and BLOG.

32 thoughts on “About Belle

    • Hey. So the follow-up question is I’m wondering where you are from. You obviously didn’t post it, so I’m assuming you don’t want to publicly announce it here. I have spent time in Nebraska & IA and have sentimental interests those states even though I live hundreds of miles away…You can email me at smoothreentry at gmail if you want to answer discretely. And you don’t have to be specific, it is just there is a big difference between Midwestern cities: eg, Chicago and Lincoln, so that is why I ask…

      Obviously you don’t have to answer at all as it is rude for me to even ask…but I was too curious not to.

      Also, if you know any Nebraska blogs that are good reads I’d like to follow them.

  1. Great blog! Love your way with words 🙂
    Likewise, I also studied library sciences. Worked in one for about 7 years before moving to Ireland. Not working in a library but very much a bibliophile!

  2. I am not waiting for the day I feel like a grownup. That will be a sad day when all the fun and magic are gone from my life–at least that is what I melodramatically tell myself every time my back, knees and joints hurt.

  3. Hi belle! I would love to chat with you about a post you made that caught my attention (nuvaring and uti). I have been searching endlessly to find the correlation and have never seen anything quite like your post that describes my symptoms exactly. Is there a way to reach you privately?

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