Who’s Who

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They’re pseudonyms and half of the reason I created this page is to keep them straight. I do not mention all of them regularly. I just want to be consistent and allow my readers to be able to look up a name if they wonder about the relation.

Gramma: My mom’s mom… the woman who raised me… my heart.

Gail (Abigail/Abigail “Sure Thing” Frederickson): My best friend since we were 15 and in the 9th grade. I tell her everything. She’s my mom/best friend/sister… my sanity.


Jake: The video game, rodeo, hunting, and Lord of the Rings loving husband. My favorite person in the whole world. Pretty damned keen.


My Siblings and Steps

Bo: My older brother by three years. Redneck with severe Right Wing political views.  Is not close with steps and rarely sees me.

Zane: Stepbrother. Oldest. Three years younger than I am.

Brent: Stepbrother. 2nd oldest, four years younger than I am.

Cade: Stepbrother. 3rd oldest, five years younger than I am.

Bea: My step-sister or little sister, who is six years younger. Close with her.

Lena: Step-mom. 12 years younger than my dad. Wonderful mother and pretty great stepmom.

Aunts/Dad’s sisters

Dee: Oldest

Kendra: Middle

Glenda: Youngest

Tina: My dad’s cousin, who is also a librarian. I often call her an aunt.


Delia: Oldest. Five years older. Emily’s sister.

Emily: Two years older. Delia’s sister.

Kayla: Two years younger. Mickey’s sister.

Mitch: Close to Mickey. Five years younger.

Mickey: Female. Seven years younger. Kayla’s sister.

All those other people

Ava: High school friend. One year younger. Sweetest gal alive.

Carla: Coworker and friend. Well-read. Loves Hobbit slash fanfiction.

Catherine: Acquaintances in high school, graduated together. Share bad dating stories. Good friend for a time. Bridesmaid in my wedding. Drifted.

Chad: One of the guys I hung out with in my early 20s. 30. Lives at home. Mostly lost touch.

Dana: Coworker and friend slightly younger than my parents. Loves Outlander and romance novels and hearing dating stories. Adorably worrisome.

Grace: Gail’s infant daughter who passed away at eight months old.

Jane/Jewy: My best friend in the 8th grade, pre-Gail. We’re still close via text message and just haven’t lived close since high school. She currently lives in Vegas, but is certainly a friend.

Janet: Coworker and friend. Very religious. Around my age. Two boys.

Jay: One of the guys I hung out with in my early 20s. 27. Lives at home. Mostly lost touch.

Jude: My beagle.

Ken: One of the guys I hung out with in my early 20s. Computer guru and unicyclist. Married. Mostly lost touch.

Karol: Coworker and friend. Around my parents’ age. Oddly similar to Gail in personality.

Lacy: A girl from high school I never spoke to, until we were 26. We primarily chat through Facebook, but I’ve grown to consider her a friend.

Laura: Met through Catherine. Seven years older. Mother of two. Close for a time. Bridesmaid in my wedding. Drifted

Layla: Laylabean. My neice; Bo’s little girl.

Malik: Yellow-denim-jeans gay. A friend from the time we were 15, who is a brilliant artist and has made multiple attempts to straighten out his life. I’m always there to enjoy the sober kicks with him.

Metro: The nearest city to Shetland, about 45 minutes away.

Reba: Coworker and friend. Shares my love of paranormal romance

Sadie: Gail’s much favored (by her parents) little sister.

Shane: Gail’s ex-husband.

Shay and Kay: Chan and Jay’s little sisters. Mostly lost touch.

Shetland: Where I live now and went to school K-12. Suburb of the Metro with around 18,000 people.

Springfield: A slightly larger town than Shetland, directly north. They’re the rivals of the Shetland high school, but also the ones with a movie theater.

Terry: Gail’s beau and the only one I’ve ever really liked. I keep telling her not to fuck this up, because she’s never going to do better.

Ward: One of the guys I hung out with in my early 20s. Little brother I never had. Still text fairly regularly.

Jake’s Friends and Family

Aaron: Jake’s bestie

Amy: Tanner’s wife, home-ec teacher, in library school

Callie: Jake’s college roomate, married to Shep

Carley: Jake’s third niece

Cody: Jake’s brother-in-law

Clyde: Haley’s Husband

Craig: Jake’s brother

Haley: Jake’s other college roommate, works for a screen printing company with her mom, loud and social

James: Jake’s third bestie, married to an accountant

Jana: James’s wife, an accountant

Jason: Jake’s second bestie and a youth minister, kind but a wee bit uptight

Lucy: Jake’s second niece

May: Jake’s sister

Matilda: Craig’s girlfiend

Mindy: Aaron’s wife, mom/hairdresser

Shana: Jake’s first niece

Shep: Jake’s friend from college, married to Callie

Tanner: Jake’s younger friend, from college, teaches P.E., married to Amy




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      • Ahhh. Yeah, I don’t mention all of them regularly. It’s mostly just so that someone who’s reading can be like ‘Wait… who’s Jane?” and get an answer.

      • Good job. This means you can write a novel, so I am jealous. I marvel at the beauty of someone getting outside of themselves with other human beings no matter the fact that it does imply a bit of multiple personalities.

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