“It was a pleasure to burn.”

When I was 5 years old, I picked out a pair of purple ruffled overalls in anticipation of my first day of Kindergarten. My mom curled my pigtails, I grabbed my backpack and we drove to the school. The parking lot was empty, because this was in anticipation of my first day. School didn’t start for another week. When I questioned my mother, she explained that when looking at the pictures, I’d never remember that it wasn’t the first day of school and she didn’t want to fight the crowd for the photo op.

Despite the forced excitedly-walking-to-school portraits, so began my love affair with education.
This brings me to my 25th year (which begins right now) and my Master in Library and Information Studies. I have submerged myself in education since one week after my First Day of School photos and graduate this December. I’ve excitedly organized my school supplies from age 5 to 25. I’ve taken summer classes and received special permission to take 22 hours a semester. In short, I have NO IDEA what I’m going to do with myself without academia… and so I shall blog.

4 thoughts on ““It was a pleasure to burn.”

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