Worst Flirting of 2012… Because Dating is Funny

bad-date21Could you maybe, die away from me?

When 2012 started, I hadn’t been on a date since my divorce. I didn’t date before my marriage, either, so I was 24 and didn’t know what the hell I was doing. That hasn’t changed. I’m just 25, now. I’m terrible at dating and have written several posts on it. Apparently, the men I date suck at it, too, though. Fortunately, I’m no longer racked with nerves, to the point that I think I might actually be sick on said dates, because I’ve been on enough this year to know that the worst case scenario is going to be a really funny story later. I haven’t even written these down. I’ve just remembered, because they’re just so epic that Gail and I constantly quote them.

“There’s no way your marriage was worse than mine.”
One: Why the hell would you want to compare that? That’s the worst first date conversation EVER.
Two: You know almost NOTHING about my marriage… and yes it fucking was.

“I don’t think I’ve read a book since high school.”
FANTASTIC way to hit on a girl who just told you she wants to be a librarian.

“I’m a decent guy. I’ve never cheated on a woman. I’ve never hit a woman.”
Why the FUCK are those things on your mind? Why would you even bring them up? You don’t hit women? That’s your biggest selling point?!?!

“Yeah, you see, I spent four months in military prison. I was over in Iraq and when I came back, I found out my ex-wife had been fuckin’ around on me… so… cuz of her, I had to go to military prison for a while.”
?!?! I’m pretty sure you left out an entirely relevant portion of that story.
I had to quote this one again, though I’ve devoted an entire post to that night.

“You wanna get out of here, don’t you?”
Me: “Nah. I don’t go home with guys I meet in bars.”
“This isn’t a bar. It’s a club.”
Now that you mention semantics, I totally want your venereal disease!

Me: “How’d you get through college if your ADHD was so bad?”
“I slept. They didn’t wake me up, because they knew if they did, I’d just correct all of their work and embarrass them.”
Wow. You aren’t kidding, are you? You actually think you’re more intelligent than all professors ever.

“The worst thing about working there was knowing that I was smarter than everyone.”
Why am I even here? You’re clearly so in love with yourself that my very existence is superfluous.

Me: “I’m really not a romantic person.”
“What, you don’t like foreplay?”
Please never give me a Valentine’s Day gift… like ever.

Me: “My dad just wants my sister to be an engineer because he loves to brag. I don’t even have my master’s yet and he’s constantly telling people I’m 25 with a master’s degree.”
“I bet he doesn’t tell them what it’s in, though.”
Wow. I hope you die alone.

“I ran over a cat on my bike once and I was just pissed, because it fucked up my wheel.”
You don’t care about excruciating cuddly animal death? That is HAWT. Hold my drink while I hike up my dress.

“Really? He’s been buying your drinks all night and you’re just gonna leave?”
Me: “No, it was just the one drink. If it had been more, you know…”
No. I’m lying and mocking you. Not even a chance.

“I actually have a fairly small penis. It’s about three inches.”
One: I didn’t ask. I don’t even know why you brought it up.
Two: You sir, are BAD AT THIS.

“There were 69 people in my graduating class.”
They let eleven year olds into bars?

“I work at Wal-Mart. I fucking hate it.”
Marry me. Marry me, now.

“You’re fucking stupid if you spend less than $2000 on a bicycle.”
Oh my gosh. I am so wet right now.

take me

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  1. I apologize to anyone who knows this is a repost. I finally figured out why it wasn’t showing up in topics and I really liked this post, so I wanted it to available to more than those already following.

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