Looking for love…

At this point, I’m really too busy for dating of any sort and only check my Plenty of Fish account in case the perfect country Catholic boy just happens to message me… and because it’s funny and I love screencapping profiles and messages for Gail.

pof january 12

About Me

1) Must love God and Go to Church
2) Must live some what healthy life style
3) Good communication
4) Likes going to bed fairly early on week days (9ish)
5) Get up fairly early 4-6 ish
6) Like outdoors (camping, fishing, cycling, running)
7) Lounging watching movies, sports,
8) Sex doesn’t have to be crazy just often
First Date
on the fly
Must love Jesus… and fucking like wild animals.

2 thoughts on “Looking for love…

  1. Is he 86 years old??? Church going, absurdly-early-to-bed, waking up at ass-o’clock, with a 3-4 times a week/5 minutes-and-it’s-over sex drive…sounds like a real winner!

    Once I went out on an online date where the guy asked me if I still had my uterus… weird. Church-boy sounds like he could be friends with uterus-guy. 🙂

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