If I spoke to people about their careers, the way they speak to me about mine… – The Librarian

You’re an engineer? I hate trains.

You went to school to be a lawyer? Seriously? Why do you need a degree for that?

You’re an architect? I love Legos! It must be so much fun to build things with them all day!

Why would you become a teacher? Doesn’t everyone just Google everything now?

How old do kids have to be to be left at the bank?

Wow. I would hate to be a cop and just sit in a car all day. That sounds so boring.

Wait. Pharmacies still exist? There are still actual pharmacists?

A meteorologist? Isn’t there, like, an app for that now?

You’re a radio show host? Does anyone even listen to the radio anymore?

Nursing? Huh. Do you think you’ll still have a job in 10 years? I mean, everybody can just buy their medicine and bandages over the counter now.

Damn. You really fit the Sexy Logistician stereotype.

Accountant? Who even uses numbers anymore?

No offense… it’s just… what do you do all day?

9 thoughts on “If I spoke to people about their careers, the way they speak to me about mine… – The Librarian

  1. This was fantastic. I LOVE when people put inappropriate things into perspective. My girlfriend’s father was a mortician/undertaker when she was growing up, so you better believe she developed dozens of similar comebacks for people who said: “So your dad really likes dead bodies?”

    For Doctors’ kids: “So your dad really likes sick people?”
    For Lawyers’ kids: “So your dad really likes criminals?”
    And so on and so forth…

    • It’s just exhausting to me, in part, because librarians are such researchers and I just want to snap “LOOK IT UP!” when people ask things like whether or not I’m worried that there won’t be any libraries anymore.

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