E-Nose Job

Remember Jennifer Gray, from Dirty Dancing? I only do because Gail made me watch it and I’ll never forgive her. Anyway, the actress had a large and distinctive nose, but it worked for her and then after that movie, she decided to get surgery and render herself completely unreconizable at the height of her fame. I decided that was a great idea.

jennifer gray

Sooooo… I made a ton of changes to my blog and I did it all at once with no warning. Just to clarify, I’m still the same gal, formerly Atypical Southern Librarian. I not only changed the title of the blog, but also the domain. I actually paid for this one:


so I won’t be changing it again. If I (for some reason) didn’t renew it, it would default to thebelleofthelibrary.wordpress.com anyway. I claimed the gmail address belleofthelibrary@gmail. com also, so it’s a permanent change.

I was never quite content with the old title and had seriously been considering a makeover, though I’d thought to do it in stages. People had mentioned the old one was too clunky and I agreed. I started by changing Gail’s name from her actual name to make myself more anonymous. Then I jumped off the deep end and changed everything else, including the names of the other people in my life (particularly the guys), which can be seen on my page, Who’s Who. Obviously, I redid the entire layout as well. I kept my photo ID (which is actually me), though, so hopefully that and the remaining library reference will settle any confusion. I’ve gotten so many followers that I figured if I were ever gonna change it, I’d better do it… well, 50 followers ago.

Sorry for the confusion and I hope you like the changes! I, personally, am quite happy with them and would love feedback!

4 thoughts on “E-Nose Job

    • Haha! Thank you! I wanted something library themed since I’m majoring in library studies and this was also kind of sexy.

  1. I tried to post earlier that I like the look as well. So I hope this isn’t a double (don’t see anything). I do have to admit to having a fondness for Dirty Dancing, though. 🙂

    • Haha. I have a tendency to hate all chick flicks and most 80s movies, so I promise I’m a minority on that one. And thank you! No double. I needed a new name badly and I’m psyched I could come up with a good theme for it.

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