A Letter to My Downstairs Neighbor

Dear… fuck…do I seriously not even know your name?!?!

I’m sorry about the late-night vacuuming. I cleaned all day, because pest control was coming, and because I saw a bug that I’m pretty sure had a kitten in its mouth.

 gigantic bug
It was like Kafka fanfic.

That somehow led to rearranging all of my furniture, so I didn’t have time to vacuum before work. I could’ve done it in the morning, but I have this thing where I stay up all night for no reason mixing my Sons of Anarchy marathon with a 7th Heaven marathon and theorizing that all of those girls Matt brought home, whom we never saw again, were thrown into a pit and set on fire.

fire or knife
I’m kidding. I’m sure he gave them a choice: fire or knife?

I tried to be quick about the vacuuming, particularly in the bedrooms, as they are directly above yours. Incidentally, remember when I asked if you could hear my dog bark? You responded with “Around midnight, sometimes… that or you’ll be cleaning or something.” What did you mean by “or something?” Did you mean you could hear me masturbating? Please say no… even if you’re lying. You didn’t really stutter over the words, but it’s gotten me a little paranoid and besides, I promise the thumping, at least, was from jumping around with the dog. I wasn’t really allowed to clarify. I’m rather surprised I didn’t, actually, since my brain tends to disconnect from my mouth on occasion. Speaking of which, I would like to sincerely apologize for referring to my previous neighbor’s child’s father as her “baby daddy” the first time I met you. I was not aware you were single with kids. I don’t like judge you for having children. She was just obnoxious and I was being catty and… well, yeah, there’s no fixing that. Oops. Also, that huge crash around midnight, right above your bedroom, was not like some kind of Olympic masturbation move.

I56 Astra FNS1
I must have just kicked it coming down.
(Fun fact: contortion sex is a thing. SAFE SEARCH)

The TV seriously fell off the dresser by magic or something. I don’t even know how it happened. As a matter of fact, I’m still marveling that I was not seriously injured, in which case you would’ve heard screaming… but not in ecstasy.

Overall, I’d like to think I’m about as good a neighbor as I am a tenant. Sure, maybe I won’t be getting my security deposit back, due to the Diet Coke stain on the stairway wall, purple paint in the storage closet, the gold paint on the kitchen counters, the blue paint on the tile, and the wax on the hallway carpet, but I never pay my rent late. I pick up after the dog. I don’t know your name, because I mind my own business. It works, right?

If you can hear me, know that I don’t have some kind of sexual disorder or addiction.
It’s just that I haven’t had sex in a really long time.


… but superheroes do it.

Coworker B: “But sometimes in a marriage, you’re 80/20, 60/40, or 90/10. Everyone has days like that. You’ll learn.”

Coworker B has never been married. I was married for four and half years of Hell. Therein lies the downside of accidentally creating a secret identity at work. I know right? You wouldn’t think there’d be one.

Most days it looks like this:

But some days it looks like this:

Sidenote: The Google Image search for “fun at the circus” turns up a lot of pictures of clowns. I felt that would give the wrong impression. Rarely is it ever scary as fuck.

I’ve detailed the whole secret identity thing before, but the short version is that my coworkers know me as a country girl from a wealthy and super functional family. They assumed. I let them. They’ve no idea I was ever abused, married, pregnant… none of it. It is fucking awesome. I’m like Clark Kent with boobs.

clark kent with boobs

Don’t get me wrong. I understand, logically, that this is unhealthy and totally insane. For one, I have Jiminy Fucking Cricket as a best friend and Gail is perpetually willing to tell me I’m a lunatic for creating the persona she calls “Winifred”, even if it was by accident. I think she’s more concerned that I totally intend to keep this up even after moving to another branch one day. She’s so irrational. Just like a woman. Head pat, Gail. Head pat.

Honestly, at this point, I’m pretty amazed that I haven’t run over Winifred with a truck yet. I almost slip at least a couple of times a month, such as when I was talking to Coworker S just the other day about my brother’s jealousy over my weekly lunches with my dad.

Coworker S: “But your brother’s also married and that makes a big difference.”
Me: “Yeah, but when I was… at lunch with my dad…”

I’ve no idea what the rest of that sentence even was. I just remember a roaring in my ears as I almost plowed right over Winifred.

Me: “If I ever get married ag…:cough:…”

No one’s caught that… any of the 27 or so times I’ve done it. It’s like I have some kind of guardian angel protecting my secret identity.


Sometimes, it’s super funny to encourage this… “misguided image” my coworkers have. My personal favorite:

Coworker S: “Well. I just don’t think I’m fond enough of marriage to ever try it again, anyway.”
Me: “Yeah. Me neither.”
Coworker N: laughingly “You never tried it in the first place.”
Me: hearty laughed tinged with a little madness.

Other times…

she hulk

Coworker B: “You don’t know how to make mashed potatoes?!?”
Me: “Why would I? I don’t like them.”
Coworker B: “What happens when you get married and your husband wants mashed potatoes for dinner?”
Me: “Then he can make his own danged mashed potatoes.”
Coworker B: “That’s not how it works girl. You’ll learn.”

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’ve been wondering what the secret to saving my marriage was! If only you’d gotten here sooner!

mashed potatoes
When blended just right, I hear they’ll pay your rent and bring all your pets back to life.

Yeah. Winifred was almost viciously gang raped and left to bleed out in a ditch that day. You can never accuse me of lacking in imagery.

Other times, of course, I wonder if I should just come clean, much like how Clark Kent doubts whether or not he should just come out as Superman. There have been entire movies based on it. How did they usually end, though?

dead lois lane

With a dead Lois Lane. That’s how. So really, this is for the good of all mankind… or um… just Lois Lane… only the library version. I’ve had this job for a year and a half. Even if I didn’t tell them to call me Winifred, they did and I’ve kind of been responding to it for all this time. I’d just look crazy if I admitted it now.

crazy superman
Shut-up, Gail. That one’s too easy… like you.*

*She loves those jokes. She thinks Hallmark should use them.

Fortunately, no one has ever caught on about how defensive I can be of divorce, thinking my negative marital views stem from my parents’ divorce, which I’ve barely mentioned… cuz that’s the saddest thing that’s happend to me. :Giggle:

Coworker S: “It depends on why people get divorced. Some people get divorced just because they don’t want to be married anymore.”
Me: “You never know what’s going on in another person’s marriage. There could be plenty they aren’t telling you.”

You see, though. I’m defending divorcees all over the world… undercover. I’m like some special Amazonian heroine…

wonder woman

You’re fucking welcome y’all. You’re fucking welcome.

Not so sure these thoughts are worth your penny…

Scene: a dressing room. Insert intermittent laughter.
Me: “What size are these bras?”
Gail: “36 D’s and DD’s.”
Me: “You have enormous areolas.”
Gail: “That might make me self-conscious if I hadn’t had hundreds of men compliment them.”
Me: “Oh, yeah. I forgot about that.”
Gail: “‘Ooooh, look. It’s a full moon.'”
Me: “Did any of them actually say that?”
Gail: “No. But who do you think would?”
Me: “Cam. Definitely Cam.”
Gail: uncontrollable agreeing laughter
Me: “Do you ever lick your own nipples during sex?”
Gail: “No. I can’t reach them.”
Me: “Seriously? How?”

Only now do I realize that there were probably other people in the dressing room to hear that exchange. We tend to overshare.

I once sat quietly at the vet with tears endlessly rolling down my face. I lost three pets in a day years ago and blame myself (though the ex-husband with the matches might be a better target) and that day my Judybug was hurting and I couldn’t fix it. Gail rubbed her hand over my back as I tearfully joked about how we definitely looked like lovers. We decided we could pull off sisters, both being white and brunette, so we said it like 11 times when no one had asked. It was super convincing. We should be spies. Codenames: Flamingo and Whore.

sexy flamingo whore costume

When I was 5 years old, my grandpa died of lung cancer. I thought it would be a nice idea if we just propped his body up and pretended he was still alive. I think I suggested it, because someone told me it was illegal. I decided I’d hide him in the hamper, because that’s where I hid during hide-and-go-seek. Gail hears super-human skills for denial at a young age in this story. I hear the tale of a selfless child who would break the law and give up her favorite hiding place to keep her grandpa near.

I have three different customers who look astoundingly like Levar Burton, Vincent Van Gogh, and a chihuahua. I want to tell them so, terribly. I don’t. None of those are compliments. I kind of want to hum the Reading Rainbow theme song just to see if he joins in enthusiastically. I get told I look like Velma from Scooby Doo all the time. I’d be thrilled to hear someone randomly exclaim “JINKIES!”

A coworker once yanked my Kindle from in front of me (THE HORROR!!!!!) to look at the print, exclaiming “Wow, I wish I could read print that small!” I don’t. I had an explicit sex scene on the screen at that very moment. We’re talking key terms like “errection” and “tight sheath.” I once tried to show the same coworker a picture on my phone, only to have forgotten about the picture of Black lesbian sex I’d sent one of the guys as a joke. Let’s hope she couldn’t see a thumbnail picture that small either.

A woman recently declared that her son did not have a library card, though it was in her name and had the correct birthdate. I tried to suggest a situation in which someone may have used her name.

Me: “I really don’t know. It may have been an aunt or maybe dad’s girlfriend or something.”
Customer: defensively “Okay. I am dad’s girlfriend.”

She was clarifying that she was indeed with the father of her children. I understand that I work in a lower income, highly diverse area, but this was not a sterotype. I suggested two random situations we’ve had repeatedly. I did not say “I don’t know. Why don’t you axe yo’ baby daddy?”, though the look on her face said differently. I can try with all my might to be P.C., but people have really got to try and meet in the middle by not taking everything so damned personally.

When I was married, I would ask my ex-husband to clean, since he wouldn’t work. He wouldn’t do it no matter the methods I used (leaving him alone, nagging him, screaming at him, encouraging him) so I’d do it myself. Then, he’d grab the trashbags from my hands yelling that I never gave him the chance and was just manipulating him. I just wanted a clean fucking house. For the longest time, after the divorce, my house was spotless. Today it’s clean enough, but clothes are scattered everywhere. I think it’s a sign that I’m healing. Then again, I went to sleep cradling my gun in its sock like a stuffed animal a week ago. Maybe not. LOL my pain!

Coworker C was trying to be friendly last night as I read a paranormal romance book. I’ve shared this interest with a couple of the female employees, but that’s all. I’d just finished another and he asked:

Cowork C: “What’s the name of that one?”
Me: “I don’t even know.” I did fucking, too. It was Pleasures of a Dark Prince and I was not saying that.
Coworker C: gestures for me to turn it over. I do and there’s a receipt taped to the front so no one can see the cover art.
Me: “I just… uh… it’s part of of… um… it’s just some series… the uh… dark immortals… or immortals dark… or uh something… um Immortals After Dark. Yeah that’s it. It’s paranormal romance. Not something you’d be interested in.”

It was the verbal equivalent of tripping over a chair and I rocked it.

Two Broken Girls

2 broken girls

Humor: the most entertaining of defense mechanisms.

Oh, for the ability to process emotions like adults.

Frankly, it’s pretty awesome to have a best friend as fucked up as I. They don’t make that Hallmark card.

That’s probably a good call.

“Marry me, eh?”: Post-Christmas Empowerment

How long until the Christmas tree can just be considered to be up really early? I mean, it’s a new year. Christmas 2013 may be a long way away, but Christmas 2012 was last year. I’ve just got a jump start.

I have this really loud laugh. Gail calls it a cackle. My guys compare it to the sound of a dolphin. It’s my dad’s laugh. Fucking bastard. I say that in jest. I love my daddy.

Guy in bar: “I love your laugh.”
Me: drunk and aware that this is a line “Really? Because no one else does.”

Twice this week, I’ve laughed loudly and uncontrollably in restaurants. Both times have been with Gail and about things that we shouldn’t discuss in public.

discussing anal sex, which I’ve told Gail she only likes because it “makes her grandma cry”/is tabboo
Gail: “You know… the thing that makes my granny sob.”
Me: “You call it your granny?”

This lead to maniacal giggling and disgusting jokes about how you could create euphamisms for not having sex, such as “My grandma has a nose bleed.”

The second time was at McDonald’s. Both of us are nervous about this country’s future and I was looking up the requirements to move to Canada the other day. Gail talked about it as well, because we’re oddly attached to one another.

Me: “I highly doubt I’ll ever move that far from Gail and if she moves away, I imagine I’ll follow and I don’t care if everyone in the family thinks I’m a lesbian because of it.”
Dad: “Hey, I don’t care either way.”

My redneck daddy told me he doesn’t care if I’m a lesbian. Awwww. I mean, I’m not, but still…

So, I told Gail that Americans always say “I’m moving to Canada” as a threat (not so much me, as I’m actually intersted in Canada), because we’re stupid. It’s  apparently really difficult to move to Canada.

Me: “I imagine if I wanted to, I might be able to get a visa based on my education, which is apparently a thing. Otherwise, I’d have to find a job where they want me badly enough to go through the trouble to help me get a work visa.”
Gail: “Which means it would be really difficult for me to work for their postal service.”

(I’d like to interrupt to clarify that we’re not packing our bags for Canada. We come up with these schemes all the time. We’ve already moved to North Carolina, Colorado, Oregon, and New Zealand in our heads.)

Me: “Not necessarily. You see, I was thinking, gay marriage might be legal in Canada. They’ll allow you to move there with a spouse. So… I move to Canada and then…”
Gail: “I think I would rather stay here under The Regime than be your wife.”
Me: “Come on. It’s not like we have to be practicing lesbians. We’d just be lesbians on paper. Marry me, eh.”

Then Gail tore the corner off some trash and gave it to me like a ring, as she once had a dream where her ex-boyfriend proposed to her that way and I make fun of her for it all the time. She then told me that she thinks that vaccinations are possibly just the United States government running experiments on us and she’s aware that she’s completely paranoid, but still. I interrupted her for my faux crying panic impersonation of her.

Me: mock hyperventilating “Oh, my gosh! We didn’t land on the moon! We didn’t land on the moon and now I’m going to have to move to Canada and be your lesbian wife because of it! Do we have to consumate this marriage? Is that even possible with lesbians? Does that even count? How do lesbians even consumate anything?!?!?!”

When we joke around, there’s always this point where we’re giggling like crazy over something that’s not even funny, because we’ve both gone off the deep end. We call this a Rice Cubes moment, not because we’ve ever giggled like maniacs over the phrase, but because we would. Once, when I was heartbroken over some mommy issues, she tried to cheer me up by mentioning this.

text message
Gail: Rice cakes!
Me: Um… I think it was rice cubes.
Gail: Oh. You’re right. I was trying to cheer you up, but I guess that was just a snack.

Surprisingly, that worked.

I’ve been writing this blog on and off through the day while taking breaks from taking down my Christmas tree. At the moment, I’m lying in my living room floor, surrounded by Christmas lights and storage boxes, struggling to type with a Band-Aid on my finger so I don’t get blood on the keyboard. This shit is hard, y’all.

When I put up the Christmas tree, there was a point where it was on the floor in pieces, along with a lot of broken glass. I ended up crying on the couch texting Chad to come help me put it up, because I’d accidentally broken the stand and couldn’t get the new one on. I was pretty pissed that I couldn’t get the tree up on my own. I also knew I’d pay for that glass. But you know what? I got my tree down all by myself. You wouldn’t think that would be empowering, particularly since I injured myself multiple times doing it, (and at one point dropped it on the dog) but I’m still getting the hang of this Solo Woman single girl thing, so I’m pretty fucking proud. One day, I’ll surely find a nice boy to help with my Christmas tree, but on that day, I won’t doubt that I could’ve handled it alone. Go me.

christmas tree on judeHe did not even care.

decorated judeSo I pushed the tree aside and decorated him.

How I Took the Sexy Out of Cooking Naked

9:00 – I begin my 20 minute drive home from Library. The sun set three hours ago. I saw maybe one hour of it after Substituting.

9:20 – I preheat the oven and throw some sweet potato fries on a pan.

9:30 – I inform the dog that he’s disgusting and nobody poops but him before letting him off the leash and excitedly shouting “Go, go Gadget Beagle!” as he runs up the stairs.

9:35 – Fries in the oven, I strip in the kitchen so I can throw my clothes into the hamper. I toss ground turkey into the microwave to defrost.

9:48 – I finish my shower with 7 minutes to spare until the fries are done. Wrapped in a towel, I put the ground turkey in a pan and begin cooking it, taking short breaks to dry and comb my wet hair.

9:52 – I throw some frozen vegetables into the microwave.

9:53 – I stir the meat in the pan. The towel falls off. I leave it, because I live alone and no one cares.

9:54 – I bend down to excitedly ask the dog if he’s the prettiest boy in the kitchen. He is, indeed, the prettiest boy in the kitchen and ecstatic about that fact. I almost lose a nipple to his claw.

9:55 – The fries are done, so I grab a sock from the clean clothes and use it as an oven mitt.

9:55 – I burn my hand using a sock as an oven mitt.

9:56 – I grab the vegetables from the mivrowave.

9:57 – I put the Easy Mac in the microwave and take the meat off the stove. I salt the pan of sweet potato fries and pick it up to shake it… still naked.

9:57 – I burn my hand on the pan of sweet potato fries, dropping a quarter of them. They are promptly eaten by the prettiest boy in the kitchen.

9:58 – I yell at the dog to get out from under my feet after tripping over him while he eats his sweet potato fries. I am now an angry naked person.

10:00 – I take the Easy Mac out and mix in the diced canned tomatoes and cheese powder.

10:01 – Dinner is ready. I grab a t-shirt and some underwear, quickly dressing, because it would be weird to just eat dinner in the nude.

Pictured: Not me.

That time I told a lie…

While everyone at my work may think my name is Winifred, that’s not because I told them my name was Winifred. It’s because they called me Winifred and I responded without correcting them. As a general rule, I do not lie. I may carefully phrase my truths with the intention of misleading someone at work, but it’s never an actual lie. When I do lie, I get nervous and trip up or it just makes me so uncomfortable, I end up blurting out the truth anyway.

Frankly, even when I should lie, I don’t think to do so. For example:

One night, about a year and a half ago, Gail and I were driving around town in my hatchback. We drove by a building owned by a local church, a sign in the middle of a clearing with small print we couldn’t read. I just decided to drive up to it to get a better look (against Gail’s protests)… and then remembered we’d had heavy rain… after my little hatchback SANK into the ground with a loud slurp. So, naturally, we tried to drive forward… then backward… then (less naturally or reasonably) dig out with a Dollar Tree broomstick before the people leaving the service next door noticed us trenching their church yard. “Trenching” was not even kind of an exaggeration. We destroyed this lawn and just wanted to escape as quickly as possible, muttering about how we weren’t 17 anymore and really couldn’t get away with this crap.  Shockingly enough, the broomstick did not work in digging out a couple tons of Suzuki and the pastor soon approached. He didn’t look happy, but luckily, it’s in his job description to be nice (particularly with his entire congregation behind him) and he happened to have instant access to a suped-up pick-up with a gigantic chain on it. Welcome to the Midwest, y’all.

As he brought over the truck, Gail asked what I was going to tell him. I told her I was just going to say we wanted to see what the sign said. Apparently, “I wanted to read this sign and that’s why I’ve done hundreds of dollars of damage to your lawn” was a terrible excuse. Gail insisted we claim that we were trying to turn around and had started to sink, so we quickly went forward and just sank further. I told her she had to do it, because I was pretty danged sure you go to Hell for lying to a man of God. She pointed out that I had just (jokingly) called Protestantism “pretend” a few minutes earlier, but I stuck to my guns. They didn’t seem happy with us for it, but they also didn’t send us a bill. We got a brief lecture on how rain works, which admittedly, was well-earned.

Regardless of the fact that Gail was 100% right about the necessity of the lie in the above story, I still had to put in a great deal of effort not to blurt out the truth and apologize for lying in the first place. I wasn’t even the one speaking. However, in the following conversation, I didn’t tell a single lie.

Me: referring to J.K. Rowling “She’s a great author, but she took advantage of welfare to write her novel. If it hadn’t worked out, she just would’ve been another person taking advantage of welfare.”
Coworker: “Her husband had just left her. She was horribly depressed. You don’t know how that feels.”

I’ll admit, Winifred came precariously close to death that day, but I remained silent. I let my coworker continue in her assumption that I spent my college years going to parties, getting a little too drunk, and eating ice creem at home after bad breakups. It’s not my fault she chose to believe I grew up in a 7th Heaven episode, nor is it my responsibility to correct her. I did not lie.

When taking my dedication to carefully dancing around the truth into consideration, the following story makes me sound even more broken as a person and psychologically unstable, which is what makes it such great fun.

I substitute teach, because I have a teaching certificate, essentially get paid to sit there, and I love teenagers. One day, substituting for a history class, I heard a student complaining about her job.

Me: “Where do you work?”
Student: “The new movie theater in Yukon.”
Me: “I used to work there!”
Student: “Really? What’s your name?”

I don’t know why I admitted this. The people at the theater hated me. They thought I was a suck-up and a bore. They were right. I’d have done anything for a management position, because it was a dollar more an hour, more hours a week, would look good on a resume, and I was married to a man who refused to get a job. I hated working there and they hated me working there. So why did I excitedly declare that I had? I have no fucking idea, but I put these pieces together just a little too late.

Me: “Belle.”
Student: “You’re Belle?!”
Me: shit, shit, shit “Yeah. Why?”
Student: “They talk about you all the time!”
Me: shit, shit, shit “Really? Do the same people even still work there?”
Student: “Yeah, some of them. Did you used to fill up a tray with popcorn every night and go to home to your husband?”

Student had inadvertantly hit a sore spot, because I had indeed done this. The reason I did was because I couldn’t afford to buy food that summer. I lost 12 pounds on the popcorn and tears diet. So did my beagle. My life sucked and though Student had no idea about any of that, I still felt the need to protect myself from the connection of who I am today to who I was four years ago. So before I had any time to think about what I was saying, I heard the following words come out of my mouth:

Me: “Oh. No. There must have been another Belle that worked there. I’m not married.”

What. The. Fuck?

I immediately processed how incredibly damaged as a person I had to be for this to come out of my mouth without any forethought. I have detached myself so greatly from who I was and clung so dearly to Winifred that I’m flat-out lying about who I am by accident?!?! At least my technical truths at work are presently arranged as carefully as landmines. I am in complete control of the misconceptions I weave today and when they started, they were truly just the product of thoughtless omission. “There must have been another Belle that worked there. I’m not married.”?!?!

My head was spinning as I continued to talk about how there must be a different Belle, because I’m only 24 (at the time) and I’m still in school. The last part was true and intentionally phrased to sound as though there’s no way I could be married, but not even a small part of me thought another Belle worked there. I just didn’t want this seventeen-year-old complete stranger to connect me to a past that might have been relayed by people who worked at a movie theater, regularly used the word “crunk”, and hated me for good damned reason.

Realizing this was disturbing and probably a story for a therapist I’d never see, I immediately texted Gail. She giggled like uncontrollably and joined in while I made jokes about rocking in a corner chewing on my own hair. Even she agreed that Winifred may be comprised of perfectly mapped out truths, but at least it’s intentional (now). Despite this tale, I figured I’d never have to face this lie again and could just move on and pretend I’m entirely psychologically sound. Student would probably ask her manager if another K had ever worked at the theater and realize I was completely insane, but I never go to that theater, it’s a big high school, and teenagers are self-absorbed. I told myself she wouldn’t remember me if I was her substitute again. It was unrealisitic, but I’m great at denial. CLEARLY.

In an odd twist of fate, a month or two later, Gail wanted to see Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter and so did I. I say odd, because usually Gail wants to see movies that tell the tale of a woman and her three best friends all getting cancer and then discovering that their true value lies in the men in their lives, whom they kiss in airport terminals at the end. She’s the worst feminist ever. This time, however, we both had shit taste in movies and wanted to see the same one… which was playing at the Yukon theater. When we bought our tickets, I recognized one of my old managers, who is now GM. She didn’t, however, recognize the 90 pounds less that was me. It was a free pass, especially considering the fact that I saw Student selling popcorn. Then, without thinking, I asked if GM remembered me. She said she didn’t, so I actually prodded her and made sure she knew that I was one of of an apparent several Belles that had worked at the theater a couple of years earlier. She remembered me and I facepalmed myself on the way into the theater.

That movie was quite possibly the worst thing that has ever happened to me. When I had to pee during it, I took it as a blessing from God to escape for even just a few scenes. During this time, I saw Student very obviously looking at me and whispering to her coworkers, undoubtedly about the crazy-ass substitute teacher who just walked by. That was the first and last time I told any lie of any merit in two years and now I can’t go to one of only two theaters in town without feeling like I have to hide from a group of teens who think I’m a pathalogical liar. Not even Aesop could further pound the moral of this story into my brain.

Pathological Liar:  person who tells lies frequently, with no rational motive for doing so

Well, they’re half right.